Liability Waiver and Indemnity Agreement


This agreement is between the member as signed below, referred to as "Sponsor" and ProLab Studio, 25 W 400 S, Provo, UT 84601

Sponsor acknowledges that ProLab Studio is a dangerous place. Sponsor agrees that its agents and affiliates will be responsible for their own safety and actions, and will instruct and ensure that Sponsor's agents and affiliates follow all safety instructions and signage while at ProLab Studio.

Sponsor releases ProLab Studio from any and all liability related to the facilities, services and programs provided to the agents or affiliates of the Sponsor. ProLab Studio shall not be liable to the Sponsor or any person for any injury or damage to property or persons caused by Sponsor's agents' or affiliates' use of the facilities, services, and programs of ProLab Studio for any reason whatsoever. The use of facilities, services and programs by the agents and affiliates of Sponsor is solely at their own risk.

Sponsor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ProLab Studio, its members, its officers, and its directors from and against any and all claims, losses, costs, or expenses arising out of or relating to damage caused by the use of the facilities, services, and programs of ProLab Studio by Sponsor's agents or affiliates, including subrogation claims by insurance carriers, court costs, and attorney's fees.

Sponsor hereby waives any and all rights of recovery, claim, action or cause of action against ProLab Studio for any injury or damage that may occur, regardless of cause or origin, including negligence and gross negligence.

Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that all of Sponsor's agents, affiliates, and guests that visit ProLab Studio's facilities will be required to first agree to and sign ProLab Studio's liability waiver.

Sponsor, authorizes ProLab Studio to charge credit card for agreed upon purchases. The Sponsor understands that Credit Card information will be saved to file for future transactions on account.

Sponsor agrees to abide by the following lab rules while at ProLab Studio:

  • Wear appropriate safety equipment and attire in posted areas (i.e. safety glasses, close toed shoes, etc.)

  • Maintain workspace reasonably clean while working and to clean up area when finished

  • Each member is allowed up to 1 guest. Guests may not use tools or operate equipment

  • Attain proper training before using equipment

  • No horseplay

  • No food or drink in posted areas

  • No leaving personal items or materials for projects overnight

  • No making weapons of any kind

  • No pets, except legal service animals